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Our Practice


TheraFit Physical Therapy & Fitness Center is not just another clinic offering outpatient physical therapy services. TheraFit is a clinic with a laid back but professional atmosphere where you can begin a transformation of Rehabilitation to Fitness. Our Mission is evaluation, identification, and education that leads to empowerment of transformation to a better self.

We help you transform from hurting, pain, despair and loss of function in everyday life toward a lifestyle of wellness and fitness.

TheraFit Physical Therapy  helps propel a change in YOU towards an improved state of well-being and ownership of self-control and self-discipline which leads to self-improvement. You achieve this transformation with the help of the clinically trained, researched-based Physical Therapists, Assistants and support staff. They provide the seeds of knowledge which nurture the development of growth by goal setting, exercise, stretching, hands-on treatment, and education of conditions.

This growth then encourages the changes in lifestyle choices to achieve a better life of wellness and fitness enabling you to find the path back to the life you once knew or always wanted to live.

TheraFit’s staff truly cares that you find your better YOU!

TheraFit is a place where your greeted by name, hugged, cared for, smiled at, laughed with, cried for and just loved.

TheraFit Physical Therapy & Fitness Center – Our Namesake – “Where patients are Family”

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