Fitness Program

Fitness Program

The fitness program at TheraFit is a routine that we set up for you while you are a patient that you can continue after you leave the rehabilitation portion of your recovery. We realize how expensive coming to physical therapy can be therefore we try to teach you a home exercise program as well as a Fitness Program in a gym. We give you 1 month free after you complete your PT. If you have never been a patient, we still will set you up on a program that can assist you in reaching your goals for wellness and lifestyle change.

We try to teach you a program that you can take to any gym or wellness facility and apply the same principals where ever you go. A good Fitness Program includes cardio for aerobic health, weight training, balance training and stretching to keep you aging gracefully and without injury. Request an appointment to get started! We have our centers at Hazel Green, AL, and Fayetteville, TN.

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