Bob and Rose S.

My wife and I were fortunate enough to have found TheraFit back in 2007 where we found a family friendly type atmosphere. Kay Hanson and her staff have helped us through foot and ankle problems, leg problems, a total hip replacement, a total hip revision, upper and lower back problems, neck and shoulder issues to include rotator cuff surgery, and closely watched over me while recovery from cardiac by-pass surgery. Following out therapy sessions, Kay personally set up wellness programs for us to augment the treatment we received to ensure that we achieved full recovery. We can’t say enough about the quality of the Technicians that worked directly with us but we must also commend the Administration and Support personnel who worked diligently to coordinate scheduling to meet our needs. We are happy to say that she and her staff have gone the extra mile for us and we are so thankful for the dedication of time, effort and skill each of her employees have afforded us.